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Online Shopping Safe and Convenient

Why is Online Shopping Safe & Convenient During Quarantine? Leave a comment

As we all know the pandemic called Covid-19 is spreading very rapidly in the world, due to that the governments of various nations imposed lockdown in their respective countries.

Due to lock down the people are struggling to get the necessary things and also for the things which are of daily use. For some people, it’s difficult to get even the basic thing, due to the lockdown across the country the shops are closed. This has been considered as the worst period.

Now there the various other ways to get goods of necessity but they’re not much effective too. By taking an example of country India, the world’s largest democracy & world’s fifth-largest economy, which has a population of about more than 1.3 billion people. India is the country where the literacy rate is about 75%. So the question arises here is how can such a large population get the basics things from, in this period of Quarantine or lockdown specifically in India.

India has such a huge population due to that many people can’t get some of the basic things. Public gatherings are stopped by the government in India so many people at once do not suppose to go out from there home homes.

ONLINE Shopping is one way to get things at home with full safety & conveniently during this Quarantine. Nowadays as per the instruction given by the Government of India that people have to stay in their homes due to the pandemic Covid-19.

Doing online shopping is the best option to buy & get necessary items due to it is safe, secondly more convenient because people are not supposed to go out from their homes to get things, thirdly to get things at a reasonable price, forth all the rules which are issued by the government are followed, fifth can get many things very easily on a single website or app.

India’s average age is about 28 years so that the youngsters can also get work in online shopping websites & apps in this Era of digitalization because nowadays youngsters are good into the field of digitalization.

But using online shopping websites & apps for these purposes affects the local merchants, businessmen, vegetable sellers, etc. But it’s Quarantine in this period using of online shopping websites & apps is best to stay safe. Online shopping websites & apps have their own benefits but it has drawbacks too.

As mentioned earlier that the literacy rate of India is about 75%, so what for remaining 25%. The data from world World Bank also shows that about 66% of Indian population living in rural areas. It’s obvious that the online shopping apps & websites are unable create connections with rural areas.

So with 25% of illiterate people & 66% of people who are living in rural India, it’s not possible without making connections to available the necessary goods to them. So here the digital platforms for shopping
are not effective at all. For this matter, the government should do something in this era of the digital revolution. Online shopping websites and apps can’t be beneficial to people like them.

At last, everything has it’s benefits & losses like online shopping apps & websites, they have their own benefits but they have their losses too. Online shopping websites and apps making the life of the people easy who are living in urban areas & know how to do online shopping but where there is the facility of online is not available there people are struggling for every small thing in India.

For this government & officials do something for it. We can fight with this pandemic called Covid-19 & we’ll continue this fight with it till the end, and we’ll win too. So stay in your homes with your families. Stay safe, stay home.

Jai Hind

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