Motors 50 Items In 1 Kit With Instruction Manual


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About product:

This Super Kit contains 50 items for various science, school, college, hobby, personal and learning projects. Instruction manual is provided with the kit. You can make many projects like Street light, Home light, Fan, Electromagnet, Disco lights, Home lighting system, Motor direction control, Alarm buzzer and many other projects.
Package Includes:
2 Motor
2 Cell holder
4 AA Battery
4 Switch
3 Slide Switch
1 Buzzer
5 Red-Green LED
5 Multicolor LED
2 Big size LED
10 Resistor
1 4-blade Propeller
1 3-blade Propeller
1 Red-Wire (color may vary)
1 Black-wire (color may vary)
1 2-core wire (color may vary)
1 Copper wire
1 Electromagnet mail
2 Bush
1 Direction control switch
2 Foam pieces
1 Instruction manual