1000kv A2212 Brushless Motor with 30A ESC For RC Airplane / Quadcopter / Multirotor


  • Dimension: 27.8*27mm
  • Shaft diameter: 3.17mm
  • Max Efficiency: 80%
  • Max Efficiency Current: 4-10A (>75%)
  • Current Capacity: 12A/60s
  • No Load Current @ 10V: 0.5A
  • No. Of Cells: 2-3 Li-Poly
  • Weight: 65g
  • KV: 1000
  • Suitable for the propeller size: 1045, 1047,1060, 9050


Extremely Powerful RC Brushless motor in small size. Specialized for multi-rotors. Includes prop adaptor to suite variety of props, supports pusher or puller props(Counter rotating props) . To be used directly with propellers. Comes with motor mount and Bullet male connectors.

Good quality robust speed controllers, they will work straight out of the box for model aircraft. Silicon leads and standard Futaba / JR plug connectors.

Counter Rotating Propeller 1045/1045R (CW + CCW) for Multirotors. Compatible with quadcopter, hexacopter and octocopter in various combinations of pusher and puller propeller. Compatible with our 2212 brushless motors with prop adapters. It comes with multiple diameter fixture rings so it can fit most of motors with various prop adapters and shaft diameters. Sold in pair only.


  • Safe power function:regardless of the throttle stick in any position the motor will not start immediately
  • Throttle Calibration function:Adapt to different remote throttle travel difference, improve throttle response linearity, with a smooth, delicate feel and excellent speed linear speed
  • Low Voltage Protection Mode ,Low-voltage protection threshold

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