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Importance Of Social Distancing Leading To Increase Online Shopping Users Leave a comment

Nowadays social distancing is very important because Covid-19 spreading all over the world. In India, the government took various steps to fight with this pandemic Covid-19 such as the government imposed total lockdown all over the country, because the lockdown locals markets are closed all over.

We need to understand that social distancing is very important to stop the pandemic Covid-19 to spread all over. Proper care & being hygienic is the key to stop Covid-19 to spread. Now the question arises that how do the people get the necessary goods for their use such as grocery products, etc?

To get necessary products with taking care of social distancing, purchase goods online is the best option for the people of country. By using e-commerce or online shopping platforms people can get every product of their use very safely & directly in their houses. Here we can also say that lockdown & the idea of social distancing leading to increase online shopping users.

Last year there were total of 475 million smartphone users there in india, out of 475 million 40% of users do online shopping. A report from Ecomics Times says more online transactions witnessed in the time of lockdown. The people are preferring online shopping because it is safe & very much convenient in the time of pandemic.

But what for the people who are not using the online shopping or unable them due to various of implications such as illiteracy or people in living in rural areas etc. So that government should do something for the people who are unable to get necessary items. Also people should also strive to get necessary items by their own instead of depend on the government for every small things.

People who can do online shopping should do it so that we can live safely. Everyone should follow the instructions given the government. Last & not least also follow social distancing norms it’ll help us to remain safe also use facilities such as online shopping platforms to avoid going out of the homes. We can, we’ll fight with this pandemic Covid-19 & we will too.

Stay home, stay safe!

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