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Corona Virus India Lockdown- E-Commerce Facing Delivery Challenges


21st century is all about the internet, with internet came e-commerce, replacing the traditional shopping ways. With the convenience that e-commerce brought, it became widely reachable in no time. But as we entered the 20th year of this century, the world was shaken with the novel corona virus- COVID-19. Lives of 7.8 Billion people came […]

Importance Of Social Distancing Leading To Increase Online Shopping Users


Nowadays social distancing is very important because Covid-19 spreading all over the world. In India, the government took various steps to fight with this pandemic Covid-19 such as the government imposed total lockdown all over the country, because the lockdown locals markets are closed all over.

Benefits of Online Shopping


Online shopping is the process of buying goods and services from merchants who sell on the internet. Online shopping is one of the greatest aspects of the internet today. Online shopping has an edge over conventional or traditional shopping methods. By choosing to shop online you get to enjoy numerous benefits. One of the most […]

Why is Online Shopping Safe & Convenient During Quarantine?

Online Shopping Safe and Convenient

As we all know the pandemic called Covid-19 is spreading very rapidly in the world, due to that the governments of various nations imposed lockdown in their respective countries. Due to lock down the people are struggling to get the necessary things and also for the things which are of daily use. For some people, […]