Can Online Shopping Replace Traditional Shopping Due To Covid-19? Leave a comment

In India, Online shopping platforms are in the use by people rapidly during this Quarantine period because it’s the best option to stay home, stay safe. By going online people can get every product at their doorstep, so it is safe & very convenient for the people. By staying at home people can feel safe from Covid-19. Online shopping platforms sell products at very reasonable prices if we compare them to local merchants & people also avoid themselves going out.

Many people love to do traditional shopping instrlead of online shopping here in India beacause they think doing shopping traditionally is the best way of doing shopping. Another reason to not doing shopping online by most of the people is lack of resources. India the place where population is of more than 1.3 billon people, it’s a difficult task to provide even the basic facilities to every single person.

In India during Quarantine, people who have facilities they can easily buy anything online but what about the people who doesn’t have even the basic facilities. In India the literacy rate is about 75% then what about the remaining 25% who doesn’t know how to read or write.

Also 65% of Indian population living in rural, where it is difficult to get even the basic products of necessity. People who don’t know how to read or write & people who are living in rural areas (majority) for them it’s not possible to use online shopping platforms because of lack of connectivity (lack of resources to do online shopping).

India is a country where more than 475 million smartphone users are there but only 40% of 475 million which is 190 million do online shopping only. So here we can’t say that everyone can use online shopping plateforms during Quarantine specially.The people preferred online shopping are very less as compared to people shopping traditionally in this era of pandemic Covid-19.

The replacement of traditional shopping is not so easy by online shopping during the period when Covid-19 the pandemic is spreading. Though it is a fact that online shopping is more convenient but it can’t replace traditional shopping very easily.

Traditional shopping is there in India from ages, so doing shopping traditionally is considered by most of people in India. This Covid-19 not gonna replace anything. People have been shopping in the traditional way and will continue shopping traditionally in & after this Covid-19.

The people who don’t know online shopping has to shopping traditionally this is again a main reason that replacement of traditional shopping can’t be done. Most of people don’t know how to shop online or even about online shopping.

So no online shopping can’t replace traditional shopping due to Covid-19. But we can say that online shopping can create a little negative impact on traditional shopping due to Covid-19. In this pandemic Covid-19 staying home with loved ones is the best option to get rid of Covid-19. We can fight with Covid-19, we’ll fight & will win. Stay home, stay safe.

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