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What we really do?

RobotSkull is an Indian Electronics company deals in all the types of robotics parts like a drone, Ebike, electric motor, School science components, etc.

Our Vision

The Vision of RobotSkull is to deliver the best to its customer within the promised time frame. We assure you to deliver the quality product as early as possible and at a reasonable cost.

History of Beginning

RobotSkull started as the shop named Lovely Electronics with the idea to make the electronic products parts available to everyone. After the sustainable growth of some years, we are joining towards the digital revolution.

Manoj Pamnani CEO/Founder

Paras Pamnani CEO/Founder

Andre Kowalsy Support Boss

Pamela Doe Delivery Driver

Susan McCain Packaging Girl

What we really do?

RobotSkull is an Indian Electronics company which deals in all the types of robotics parts like a drone, Ebike, electric motor, School science components, etc.

We are team of people working together to deliver a quality product within the time frame to our users. We believe, if everyone contributes to the project taking quality into consideration, a good result will definitely show up.

Our Vision

RobotSkull is your one-stop destination for Electronics, Mechanical, DIY, Hobby, RC & Engineering products.

We realized the hardships faced by people who had limited access to a variety of products at the right prices with sparse information on how to use them and had no other option than to pay exorbitant prices to import them in the country and thus was founded with a vision to eliminate this problem and empower the community by making them available an extensive variety of quality products at the best possible prices.

History of the Company

RobotSkull was founded within the shop named as Lovely Electronics in the city of Vadodara. Our aim is to deliver the best to the people and satisfy the customer needs at the most affordable price and reasonable cost. We are determined to sell the best products at low prices making it available for the large mass of Indian Population. We wanted to reach more people and make them benefited with the new electronic products which make our life simpler and easier.

Cooperate with Us!

Cooperating is to work together with someone or something, usually to complete a particular task or goal. The team of RobotSkull is highly cooperative and at any time if you feel, we fail to cooperate then you can drop the query on our email address.

For every order that you place and we deliver, we promise to cooperate at every step while you make the purchase till the time of delivery and keeping the strong relations after the sales.

What can we do for you ?

The team of RobotSkull is always available to help its customers. We assure the best after service for any product that you purchase from our website. For any kind of assistance or query, you can reach out to the team on Whatsapp, Website Chat or even email us. We will try our best to solve your queries within 24 hours.

Team of RobotSkull is proud to deliver excellent products and services consistently to our customers. Quality is endemic in the way we do business, it is central to our objective. We do not compromise on the quality to meet the customer demands.

RobotSkull is probably the online store for electronics parts which has the fastest delivery. We provide you with the fastest delivery service ever. If you purchase any product on our website, you can opt for online payment or with us. It’s cheap and effective. No reason to wait for weeks, get delivered in days.

The team of RobotSkull understands the needs of the customer and values customer queries. Taking care of our customers is extremely important and one of our priorities. It is in mind of our employees every day and we are available to solve your queries over the chat. Happy customers is our only work satisfaction.

The empathy-building services of RobotSkull with its clients is the best way to communicate with our client. It gives us encouraging compassion for work and handling more clients. We continuously take the feedback from our customers and ask them to review our products. This helps us in understanding our services a little better and gives us a chance to improve.